The Association

At BMAA we offer over twenty-eight years of knowledge, and experience, and are keen to support instructors with a genuine love of martial arts. Memberships are available for clubs, instructors, and individuals…


Our Clubs

All of our clubs, and instructors, share our common goals, and ideals, for the progression and sharing of martial arts.
Understanding the specialised art/system, as well as the importance of fitness, safety, and real-world self defence, are all key to our instructors. Keep tabs on the ‘our clubs’ section to stay up-to-date with the different styles, and areas covered.

Association Events

We run regular events, like seminars, on specific subjects within martial arts, and host feature sessions; such as instructor courses, judge & referee courses, club management & marketing seminars, fun days, and more, at clubs wanting to get involved.

Featured Services

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Read more about our martial arts insurance…

BMAA is an association happy to accept any martial art, providing the following are satisfied:

  • The instructor has relevant experience to run a club within this style
  • There is a syllabus/system for students to follow
  • Training methods are considered safe, legal and within the ethos of the association

Styles/systems currently within the association:

  • Generic Karate
  • Shotokan Karate
  • BFS
  • Self Defence
  • Kobudo

In our support of our instructors, clubs and members; the Bushido Martial Arts Association ensure clubs are supplied with a comprehensive Child Protection Policy and access to both advice from our association Child Protection Officer and external courses.

To read more about our commitment to protecting and safeguarding children please click here